Monday, April 11, 2011


Posted by: Hollie Hageman

Its been another glorious day in Costa Rica for our senior class! The morning consisted of breakfast, and TAG time. We read in Genesis where Joseph was given difficult circumstances after he told his family he had dreams about him being king and his brothers ended up selling him out to Egypt where his dreams came true. It questioned us on how we can live a legacy today in our mission work. We attended our morning sites where we had the best attendance, and response ever! For lunch, we enjoyed a picnic at a local waterfall (viewed in the pic) where we all got to swim in the freezing cold water! We ministered at our afternoon sites for the last time, which was very sad for some of us to say goodbye to the kids we fell in love with :) Now we just ate dinner, are are preparing for worship and another good word from AWESOME ALBERT! Many of the students in our class have really been touched by the messages that have been given. Tomorrow morning we will be heading out to our morning sites to say our goodbyes and will be taking a 2 hour trip to Volcano Arenal for the next two days. We have access to one computer in the hotel lobby so hopefully we can still keep you guys posted! Continue to pray for the mission trips taking place throughout Boca Christian, God is doing amazing things and touching and saving lives!



Anonymous Mrs. Weil said...

Oh, I love the pictures so much! Thanks for posting them! The waterfall looks so fun! Praying for your last couple of a blessing and be blessed!

4/11/2011 8:42 PM  
Anonymous Mrs. Weil said...

Check out the Pura Vida facebook page for more great pictures:

4/11/2011 11:15 PM  
Anonymous Mrs. Hood said...

Thank you for the wonderful pictures and all the news! All I can say is GOD IS SO GOOD!! ALL THE TIME, HE IS GOOD! We love you and will continue to pray for your time there, safety,and JOY, and understanding, and that the Holy Spirit will lead you all. Love you!

4/11/2011 11:24 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

All of you look so happy in the pictures! The waterfall is so beautiful! Hope you have fun at the volcano tomorrow. We are praying for you all!
Mrs. Higgins

4/11/2011 11:34 PM  
Anonymous josephine blum said...

doesn`t it feel great doing the LORD`S work ?I know HE will just open the heavens and pour down abundant blessings on each and everyone of you.Thank you for the updates.We look forward to them every day.Enjoy the next few days!You`ll look back on them many times in the future!..Chris, it was great seeing the pictures of you and your classmates
.Praying for you all every day...Josephine Blum

4/11/2011 11:58 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Love the Pics. What an amazing experiance for you all. Georgia so miss you, glad to see you in one of the Pics. Know you all are doing amazing work. God Bless to all! Enjoy the Zip Lines through the jungles. Take a deep breath and open your eyes ( I did not LOL)Safe travels home. See you Thursday. Love Mom and Rick
Suzanne Morton

4/12/2011 11:40 PM  
Anonymous Albert Rossodivita said...

Hey Boca Christian School. Thanks for being such a great group. I had a blast with you this last week. Praying for your chapel today.

4/15/2011 9:45 AM  

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