Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Back to Home Base

Posted by: Erika

It is with very mixed emotions that I make this last post. The Juniors are back in the Eastern Standard Time Zone, and better yet, Boca Raton! Today has been strictly a traveling day, beginning at 8:30 PST this morning and ending just now, close to midnight EST. Luckily, most of us never accustomed to the time change, so it should be easy to get back on Eastern Standard Time. We left our hotel in Flagstaff around 8:30 this morning and drove almost three hours back to Phoenix. We returned the rental cars and got a lift to the airport from the rental company, then checked in ourselves and our baggage and headed to the gate. Our first flight from Phoenix to our connection in Atlanta was about three hours in length and landed us back in EST, fast forwarding us ahead three hours. We had a very short connection, during which we got lunch from the vast array of restaurants offered by the Atlanta airport, Chik Fil A being the favorite. Our final flight from Atlanta to Ft. Lauderdale was almost two hours, comparably shorter than the previous one. We picked up our luggage at the baggage claim, then Mr. Jobst picked us up in the school bus and took us back to BRCS. It is very bittersweet to be back home. On one hand, it will be nice to get back to our own beds and our families. But at the same time, we will miss our friends made at the Dream Center and the raw majesty of God's Creation in the beautiful Arizona landscape. This was a truly blessed trip, and we thank God for the opportunity to touch people's lives and have ours touched by them.