Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Day 3 at HEART

Posted by Ashley:
Today’s funniest moment was when Morgan ran out of the shower screaming because a frog was attacking her. The whole camp heard her, and Jenna came to the rescue while we all laughed our heads off.

Posted by Cristina:
Everyone has been working extra hard through all the cuts and bruises because we’re experiencing what it is like for people in less privileged countries. I appreciate how blessed I am a LOT more (air conditioning, showers, the food that I like, clean houses, etc.).

Posted by Morgan:
I’m starting to talk to people in my class that I didn’t know well before. We’re developing close friendships. I also liked the games today, even though we lost twice to the staff here. The cactus chili was really interesting at lunch. It was actually tasty, even though it was very slimy.

Posted by Mr. White:
I was pleasantly surprised at how the freshmen jumped in and did their chores without complaining. They got to experience a lot of different tasks that they probably have never done before, such as milking goats, planting trees, building compost piles, taking down old fencing and posts. They seemed to get the hang of it quickly, and I think they did an excellent job at every task they were given. The class must be commended. The staff here is also tremendous. They are well versed in the overall operations at HEART and were able to communicate very well with the students. The students have found out first-hand how most people in the world live day by day. Hopefully, they will leave with a greater appreciation for what they have, and also a desire to help needy people in other areas of the world. I miss my wife and children, but I’ve enjoyed this experience and hope to return someday.

Posted by Collin:
Everyone enjoyed drinking goat milk straight from the utter.

Posted by Sebastian:
I cut down a fence, ate cactus, Chester the goat wanted to eat my shirt, and another goat table-topped me.

Posted by Olivia:
I’m having so much fun with my classmates. We played a “fun” game of tug-o-war across a filthy pond, and of course, my team lost!

Posted by Mrs. McDaniel:
We just concluded a blessed time of praise and worship around the campfire. I am swinging on the hammock while I type, and there is a beautiful pair of cardinals a few feet away from me. It has been a blessing to see our kids grow closer to each other and be more spiritually minded in the last couple of days. We are praying for eternal fruit in these precious young lives. Although I miss my children terribly, I feel like the mother of 20 teenagers. I lost count of the times I’ve had to clean scratches, apply ointment, band aids, and aloe on sunburns, remind, encourage, and admonish. I have grown to love them very much!

Posted by Louis:
I don’t know what to say. Shout out to Gabby A., Andrew B., and Cameron H.

Posted by Brad:
I’m really sunburned! I’m having lots of fun!

Posted by Mr. Calder:
So thankful for the work of the Spirit in many of the students’ hearts. One student shared that they believe Christ is calling them to foreign missions and several more spoke of a growing thankfulness to God for the many blessings that they now realize they have in their lives. Each day has been filled with lots of hard manual labor by our students, and I am pleased to say that very few complaints have accompanied the effort. We are looking forward to conquering THE WALL tomorrow and beyond that …..very much looking forward to getting home to our families. Please continue to pray for us!