Monday, March 26, 2012

Day 4 and Day 5

Sunday was a "chill" day. We had the chance to sleep in and enjoy some well needed rest. After eating breakfast, instead of running off to pour into the local children we stayed inside and let God pour into us. Albert, the director, led a simple church service at Pura Vida on character. We learned that character costs us something. After having our own spiritual needs met, we went to the second site, Linda Vista. The children were so happy to see us. We played games and told them about the importance of family. Shortly after that, we went back to PVM and got washed up for dinner. Sunday night, we had the joy of eating out. We had the chance to enjoy the brisk Costa Rican evening weather while bonding with our fellow missionaries.
Monday we returned to our regualr schedule. We went to the first site, Calle Zamora, a local soccer field. When we arrived, a nearby middle school was using the soccer field for PE. We prayed that God would soften the hearts of the PE teachers, so they would let us use a small portion of the field. They did. Unfortunately, the regular VBS children did not arrive until later. However, God knew what part they needed to hear. Sadly, we had to say our last good byes to the children at this site because tomorrow is a half day. We went back to PVM and had lunch. We rested a bit and headed out to the second site. Some of the children had to go to school during the afternoon, so they could not come. After we finished our VBS session, we said our final goodbyes to the children who won't be at that site tomorrow since they'll be at school. Our hearts broke, as these are the kids we have gotten to know for the past four days. We built relationships, we bonded and now we miss each other. Tomorrow we will go to Linda Vista in the morning to visit the other children we did not get to see this afternoon.
All of us here miss our families. We look foward to coming back home and showing off our tans.
PS. Continue to pray for safety and health especially as we start touring Costa Rica.

Thanks to Ashley Keeley and Ashlie Jobst for editing this blog.