Thursday, March 22, 2012

Day One- Arrival in Costa Rica

Our class set out to serve, change hearts and explore. Today we mostly invited people to come to our activities scheduled for tomorrow. We saw children a plenty and thankfully, the locals were very receptive to our presence.
We arrived in Costa Rica and were welcomed with food. After a short break, we had orientation. We then went out to the surrounding communities. They greeted us "Hola" and "Como estas?" We visited two neighborhoods and invited the children to VBS tomorrow.
After exploring the area, we had a diner fit for royalty, it consisted of rice, beans, plantains, chicken and salad.
Day one is almost over. Although we did not do much serving, we did plenty of planning. We all are excited and look forward to spreading the gospel of Christ here in Costa Rica.
As they say here: "Hasta Manana"