Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Goodbye, Pura Vida

Posted by: Mrs. Barnhill

Today started out like most of the others, with a delicious breakfast prepared by Karla, Ingrid, and the other wonderful women of Pura Vida Mission. After breakfast, in preparation for TAG time, Albert reminded us that missions is a life, not an event, and that our primary mission field is back home in Florida. He quoted the same verse in Ephesians (6:7-8) that was mentioned in the sophomore blog - we all need to learn to serve wholeheartedly in all we do! We had a wonderful morning with our friends at Linda Vista, a very poor area socioeconomically, but rich in love and joy. It was with great sadness we said goodbye to them following our morning session. We were also sad to say goodbye to Albert, who was heading back to Florida today, but we are hopeful that we will see him from time to time since he lives in the WPB area.

Lunch, including beans and rice, of course, and the MOST delicious fried plantains I've ever had, was followed by packing up and cleaning our rooms in preparation for our drive to Arenal, where we are staying at the stunningly beautiful La Pradera Hotel. Mr. Barnhill was so happy that he saw several hummingbirds within the first several minutes of our being here! We had a couple of hours to relax in our beautiful cabin-rooms, and then we headed off for an evening at the hot springs, where we enjoyed a buffet dinner and swimming in many heated pools with our guides, Marjorie and Natalya. It's been a wonderful day, and we look forward to our ziplining adventure tomorrow.