Monday, March 26, 2012

Local Missions

Posted by: Megan

We began our trip early Thursday morning by going to a local church in Boynton Beach. We were working with people from Habitat for Humanity to spruce up the church. We were greeted by smiling faces and willing hands ready to serve. The pastor of the small church was there helping us out and providing enough thanks to last a lifetime. We were separated into four groups and we sent to work. Our tasks included sanding the walls, priming, and cleaning windows. When we were halfway done we walked to a small lot in which we ate lunch with college students. Which was really cool because they were not Christians so we had a chance to show how God works in our lives.

The very next day we went back and finished our work. We put a final coat on the doors, walls, and the walkway, scraped the bars over the window and painted them. We all worked together to achieve our goal. When we were done the church was beautiful and looked so clean. We were all so happy that we could provide this service in time for the lovely church people to see on Sunday.

Today, we went to Florence Fuller and we were put into groups. The children were ages five and under. We got to help them with schoolwork and then play games with them. A lot of us were playing tag outside while others watched the kids and played games like jump rope. The second half of the day was spent in the dining room of Boca Christian. We cleaned the chairs and tables. Some people also sorted out toiletries for the days to come.