Thursday, March 22, 2012

Sophomores Have Fun on Bus during Day 1

Posted by: Mr. Hood
Just wanted to give a quick update to let everyone know that we have arrived safely in Columbia, SC after a fun bus trip this first day. Here is a quick run down of the day: We began the day with our first Bible study time with Mrs. Poole in her choir room before we left school. It was a great introduction to the book of Ephesians, which we are going to study throughout the week. Mrs. Poole gave each of the students and chaperones our own personalized devotional book with our names on the cover - a true labor of love that she created on her own!!

We then drove north on I-95 and stopped for lunch in Daytona - right next to the Speedway - where the students were thrilled to have the choices of Chick-fil-a, Pannera Bread, Chipotle or 5 Guys! After that, another 5 hours north we went, passing into Georgia, then South Carolina. Final stop was for dinner at Cracker Barrel and then on to our hotel. The students have been having fun socializing, listening to music, and just being kids on the bus today.

We look forward to arriving at Long View tomorrow at lunch and then getting to work for the afternoon. Looking forward to some great blogs written by the students starting tomorrow night. Sophomore trip signing off - good-night!