Thursday, March 14, 2013

A Brighter Day

Posted by: Mari and Friends and Mrs. Riter
As the 10th - 12th grade class mission trips headed out to various places at various times this morning, a group of 10 students started working locally to make our world a brighter place.  After a time of seeking the Lord from the book of John on Jesus being the bread of life, we loaded up the bus to West Palm Beach to meet Dr. Allen, otherwise known as "Nana" from Children of Purpose Christian Academy.  At the administrative offices, we learned how this unique school has reached out to children who many have given up on and have shown them that God has a purpose for every life. 
Entering the courtyard to the K-12 school was a little shocking to each of us.  We quickly got to work clearing out 1 of the 3 rooms that they use for their classes - the first through fifth grade that is divided by 1/2 wall - and went to prepping the walls for painting.  Walls went from a dirty, dingy white to a bright and colorful trio of yellow, blue and green.  Our students were led by Bishop as he instructed which wall was to be which color and handed out paintbrushes and brooms and off the students went.  We worked along side students from the Children of Purpose Christian Academy until lunch time where we ate in the courtyard.  The students were welcoming and friendly and we even had a few minutes to play with the kindegarteners before heading back for the afternoon work.  Although we did not completely finish the work on the one room, it is almost complete.  Tomorrow we will return to work on one of the other rooms.  This time we will be armed with more paint-brushes and cleaning supplies.  Seeing the classroom being transformed through the painting just made everything feel brighter.  It was a great day of working with others and developing friendships with people both in and out of our school.  Everyone is looking forward to another great day tomorrow!
Please pray for Children of Purpose Christian Academy as they are in need of more space.  There is a 4th classroom on the property where they meet but it is not available for their use at this time.  The school is overcrowded and has a waiting list of students who desire to be reached with the transforming power of God's word and given the hope for a future through education.  Pray that the Lord would meet all of their needs.  Praise God that they have received the approval for funding to cover their expenses of feeding each child breakfast, lunch and a snack as that may be all the students get to eat each day!