Tuesday, March 19, 2013

A New Long View Project

Posted by: Chris Shafer
Hey, we're back. This is our last full day here at Long View. We leave tomorrow for Jacksonville. Today, we travelled into nearby Greenville and helped out at the Rural Resources Farm. It's this place that's built on an old tobacco farm which they now use to grow and harvest crops and give to people who have needs in the community. Some of our classmates helped carry surplus supplies out of the tobacco barn and reorganize it.  Several others helped feed the animals at the farm. Another group was put to work on an area that breeds worms which help in a compost area.  A small group cleaned a mobile kitchen that is used to help feed the needy in the area.  The final group helped "Farmer Paul" repair some fencing around the farm.  It was a terrific final place for our group to work as they had plenty of work for us to do and divided us into specific work groups which were led by some of their staff.

We broke for a chicken wrap lunch and a number of us went with Mr. Hood and Mr. White to the brook to eat. Collin and Tess sat on a tree overlooking the stream. When they headed back early, I decided to sit on Collins limb. I managed not to fall in, but I did lose my water bottle into the stream. We worked for about another hour and then headed back to camp. After arrival at camp, we finished the work day with various mini-projects for an hour or so.  Some nice times of relaxing followed the work. We then had a ham dinner with cheesy potatoes, warm pineapple granish and homemade apple sauce.  Afterwards, we had our devotions and then, we did something a little different for praise and worship. We had a bonfire and during that, we had a share time. We all were to throw a small paper cup in the fire and tell what we were thankful to God for on the trip. Many people said that they were thankful to be on a trip bonding with their brothers and sisters in Christ.  Several mentioned that after graduation, we might never see each other again in a setting like this with all of us together. This caused some emotional embraces all around.  Our class has definitely grown closer to each other and closer to the Lord on this trip.We are sad to be leaving Long View.  We have made some incredible memories here and in the surrounding area.  Keep us in your prayers and we will in ours. Signing off, this is the BRCS class of 2015.