Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Big Smiles and Hard Work!

Posted by: Mari :)

Monday and Tuesday we visited Florence Fuller and it has been a great experience for both people new to the trip this year, and everyone who was there last year. We arrived there in the morning after our time in devotions willing to help the teachers with whatever they needed us to do which included playing with the little kids. Opening the classroom door, you see all these little people looking at you and then they throw you a huge smile that makes you smile even more. The kids are so full of energy that it makes you feel old! They show you their favorite toys, cook you little meals and then ask you if you can help them tie their shoes (which I always had a hard time with, but I finally learned). When you finally have the opportunity to play at the playground it is very exciting to see them run and jump everywhere; it is very fun. I observed how the older kids (4 and 5 years old) played around Alex, Emily, Brian and Julia; the kids jumped on them and started chasing Alex and Brian around the playground. It was an amazing experience.
In the afternoon, we would say good-bye to the children and hop on the bus to go to Mrs. Riter’s house where lunch was ready (Pizza on Monday and Subs on Tuesday!!). After eating lunch we were separated into two groups. The first group went to Mr. Mockler's house to help clean various areas both inside and outside the house. The second group stayed at Mrs. Riter's house and we mostly helped with yard work and gardening. It was a hot and sunny day on Monday, but everyone worked hard. Today it was a little more cloudy and humid, and we were very tired, but many hands made for light work as we transformed a few areas for these teachers.