Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Hasta Luego

Posted by: Amanda

Our time at PVM is sadly coming to an end, but has been very memorable so far. Today each group went to their sights having very little kids due to the fact that it is exam week for most schools in the area. Even though fewer kids showed up, my group still had a blast! Our first location, Los Jardines, consisted of mostly playing soccer with the kids and teaching a lesson about how we are to follow Gods commands no matter what situation we are in. After our lesson we played with the kids in what looks like the remains of a playground. It was very inspirational seeing how content the children were while having nothing but a set of monkey bars and broken swings. A little boy wanted to play basketball with Cole, R.J. and I, but there was no hoop. He explained to us how he uses the monkey bars as the hoop. The little boy showed me that whatever condition you are in, you can always make the best out of it.

At our second location, Linda Vista, a.k.a. Afghanistan, we had a large group of kids show up ready to have a good time. Sadly, this was our last day at Linda Vista before we leave. It was very hard knowing that will were going to leave all the kids that we had grown relationships with throughout. I personally grew close to a few little girls at this sight, two of which were named Titi and Emily. From the first time Nicole and I met them, they never left our sides. Nicole and I always left the sight everyday being super sore from holding the two girls since they always wanted to be held. It was so hard leaving them knowing that we will never see them again. Another girl I grew close to was a little girl named Nicole. She had a big personality and always participated in all of the games. Today, she took me on an adventure away from the sight. Nicole, her brother and I walked to her house, which was a two-room shack made of nothing but wooden planks. She had two other brothers, a dad, and a pregnant mother. Because of their living conditions, I can’t imagine how they can possibly survive. Next, she took me to a small dirt hill next to her house that she uses as a slide. I was astonished to see the joy that her and her brother had from sliding down a dirt hill. They both convinced me to slide down with them even though we got covered in dirt.  While having very little, this was there way of having fun. They didn’t need anything fancy to make them happy. My experience at Linda Vista ended with playing in a huge pile of leaves with the kids. We all had fun throwing leaves at each other and burying Dylan. We are all very sad at the fact that we are leaving tomorrow, but will enjoy the next few days of rest and rejuvenation in La Fortuna. 

Miss Fabara's Photo's:

 For those of you wondering about our food, the PVM staff has cooked DELICIOUS breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day! We have been served things such as arepas for breakfast, picadillo for dinner, and, of course, rice and beans at every meal! Many of us head back for seconds :)
 Music has played a large role on this trip in both ministering to children and in uniting our class through singing. In this photo, Heber attempts to twirl Rudy to the tune of You'll Be In My Heart from the movie Tarzan. 
Benji's guitar; he had all of the children sign it, which they loved!
 Our AMAZING senior class!!!!!!!! Full of servant hearts and godly young men and women.

 Stephanie was able to help a shy young boy named Aran open up today after four days of VBS. His smile and laughter was infectious, and he entertained us all running around in his spider man cape!
 One of the biggest personalities at Linda Vista - Nicole!
 The children burying Dylan in the leaves! (It's the dry season in Costa Rica.) Don't worry, mom - his allergies didn't act up!