Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Off to La Fortuna!

Posted by: Heber and Erika

Today was the last day at our VBS sites :( I’m pretty sure that I speak for everyone when I say that our time at Pura Vida was a life changing experience. Even though we were tired, even though we were burnt, and even though our voices were shot, we did everything we could to show God’s love to the kids this morning. The last day was amazing. It was my (Heber) favorite day because we got to share the Gospel with the children, which His Word says will never come back void; and that in and of itself excited me. It was an emotional day for all of us, and I know I’ll never forget it. My mom will be happy to know that I gave away all my beanies (so I’ll have to buy some new ones :)

In the latter half of the day it was all about fun, fun, fun! After a 3 hour-long bus ride we arrived at Volcano Lodge, a lavish resort nestled at the base of a volcano (go figure). Then we were let loose in the hot springs, which included 4 hot pools, 2 cool pools, 2 saunas, and 3 water slides that, because of lenient regulations and clever engineering, were extremely intense and probably my favorite part of the springs (right after the all-you-can-eat buffet, where we ate dinner). We returned to our hotel and played in the pool and jacuzzi there for a bit, if we weren’t pruny enough. Tomorrow we look forward to more fun in the Costa Rican rainforest, but the children will always be in our hearts.