Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Posted by: Mrs. Lake, Catie & TJ Our evening is coming to an end and everyone is tired after a long, hot day of work. We have noticed that the HEART people are very nice and generous. They desire to teach us new things with detail so that we can understand how to better use what we consider to be garbage. Our work groups experienced many different tasks today. Mr. Calder’s work group aka Team Starfish, enjoyed taking care of the goats by trimming their nails. This prevents infection and disease for the goats. Mrs. Holly’s group did a great job covering a garden area with newspaper and manure. This helps prevent weeds and naturally fertilizes the ground for the plants. Mrs. Holly’s group also got to witness the birth of baby rabbits. Mr. Dorman’s group enjoyed the ropes course. They learned communication is huge in order for success! Mrs. Lake’s group got busy cleaning out a fish container, scrubbing the green slim off the walls. Marco and Charles climbed in to make it more effective. Nice job guys getting in the tank! Way to go Charles! One of our many finds during shower time! Happy Birthday Olivia!