Monday, March 18, 2013

Posted by:Jenna Schuppener, Chris Shafer, and Michelle Davila
Today one group of students went to Mr. Bill Clendenon's house. Two years ago he suffered the loss of his son due to cancer. Bill is a very humorous guy; he had very interesting and captivating stories. He was an engineer at one point in his life, but is now retired. Now that he is older he is unable to do things like yardwork and gardening. So that's when part of our class came in and helped him do some of those things. We ended up clearing flower beds and cutting down a tree. Even though it seemed we started off on the wrong foot with Mr. Clendenon, because he called the cops not realizing that it was our work crew in his backyard. He soon became very welcoming and thankful for the work we had done. He even told us to add him as friends on facebook by the time we left.
Another group went to a different home of a needy family and was expecting to demolish an older damaged mobile home. However, after ten quick minutes of having some fun smashing on the inside, a track hoe (large bulldozer type of equipment) showed up to smash the whole thing. We cleaned it up though, and there were no complaints.  We met another friendly dog named Tank who liked to be around our group while we were working today.

The work day ended early for both groups, but we were thankful for God's timing - as the worst weather began just after we arrived back at Long View.  A cold and rainy afternoon allowed for some naps, some playing in the game room and some relaxing in the dining hall with a warm crackling fire adding to the wonderful atmosphere.  After another delicious meal, we were once again served some banana pudding for dessert.  Following our memory verse time, praise and worship and discussion of Ephesians chapter 5, we decided it was too wet and cold to play outside.  We are having a special treat because thankfully Brett and Louis figured out how to broadcast the Heat vs. Celtics game on the big screen in the dining hall.  We are watching it now and eating some yummy home made kettle corn thanks to our friends here at Long View Ranch! :-)  We can't believe that tomorrow is our last full work day of the trip.  Please keep us in your prayers and we will keep you in ours. Signing off this is the Class of 2015.