Thursday, April 10, 2014

Our Last Day; We'll Miss You!

Posted by: Marianna

Our final day and morning of missions trip consisted of a debriefing of our prior week, as well as things we can demonstrate and carry with us, after missions trip is over. We all have been able to witness to the people we've been interacting with, with our words, but more importantly, our actions. Also, the local missions group have really gotten to know each other, and have seen outstanding character qualities emerge and be seen in each other, when we've been put into various situations. As we finished up our morning debriefing, we carried an attitude of thankfulness and servile into Florence Fuller, hoping to have an impacting last day of missions with the kids. The day went as usual, but it was definitely harder to get through, knowing this was our final day with them. When it was time for recess, we played with them, with all of our might and energy, and when the time came, had a difficult time saying goodbye. Questions such as "Are you coming back tomorrow?" or "Are you going to be back?" where inquired by the children, and it was almost painful to say we weren't. We've really bonded with these children, and care so much for them, that some students were barely able to leave without a teary eye. In their individuals lives, though we don't know all of the children's stories, we know that their mother or father isn't always there, so taking that into account spurred tears even more. Numerous students also thanked the teachers, because they're with the children every day, providing education for them, and truly doing everything they can for the kids. As we were departing, the children waved goodbye to us through the playground fences, and the local missions group boarded the bus back to Boca Christian.

We had our final debrief in the resource room and talked about everything we've all been apart of. Though it is our last official day of missions, we hope to continue to have an impact on others and serve the community. For many of us, we hope to work with Florence Fuller again, because we truly do love and appreciate the facility, and everything they're doing. We've all had an incredible time and look forward to next year's missions trips!

Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Just Like Jesus, We Love the Little Children

Posted by: Marianna

Our Wednesday morning began with devotions led by Alex Klint and Mark Cancel. The two groups of students, divided amongst the local group, were then both dropped off to their individual campuses of the Florence Fuller facilities: East and West. It has been 3 days into working with the children, at the day care, and it's been great getting to know them and their various personalities. Today, most of the kids in general, in regards to both campuses, were definitely getting used to us coming into their classrooms and interacting with them. It definitely helps that we stay with our same class, and do not switch out at any point. But, that does not mean they're not as energetic and not looking for any opportunity to play with us, and wanting our undivided attention. Just as the previous days, they've wanted us to draw with them, draw for them, play house with them, and read to them. We've all been very surprised at how smart they all are, considering they're only about 4-5 years of age, and how quickly they pick up things. We realize how important it is to set a positive example for them; one that mirrors Christ, though that has been our goal since the first day of working with the kids. Some of the East campus students even got to participate and help the children learn a song they would be performing for an event at the daycare. When it was time for recess, in the East campus, the local missions trip students had a child's hand grasping each of their fingers, urging us to play games with them such as monster, tag, hide and go seek, and hula hooping. We all worked together to keep the children safe, when playing on the equipment, and providing a fun and joyful time with them outside. When it was time to leave, the children inquired if we'd be back tomorrow, and barely let some students leave, but we assured them that we would and eventually departed for lunch.


We ate in the food court at the Boca mall, and once done, headed over to the White House, where youth group is held. Similiar to Monday, we helped to organize clothes, in the garage, and put together boxes of outfits for people in need. Once finished, we walked back to Boca Christian and debriefed in Mrs. Lake's room, going over the entire day of missions. Tomorrow is our final day of missions, and as this week is coming to a close, we hope to provide a wonderful last day with the children at Florence Fuller! It has been a complete joy to work and interact with them, and has definitely made us appreciate things more, as well as be more compassionate.
Posted by: Kiley Rae
This trip has been so amazing. I loved every bit of it from loving on little kids, to making friends with the homeless, to speaking to guys in gangs. Love is really what these people needed this week. Not just by saying I love you but by our actions and I think our class did an amazing job with God's help meeting everyone's needs.
Posted by: Juniors
Blaize: Hiking was awesome. I really enjoyed competitive hiking. Florida needs mountains.
We've had an amazing time! Please come to the chapel Friday am to hear all about it.
It's a bittersweet feeling to leave this wonderful place.

Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Boca Christian on a Farm, E-I-E-I-O

Posted by: Catie Fleres

The last day of work! No!! Today we stared the day with breakfast and devotions, trying to prolong the day. We went to the Rural Resources farming to do all of the daily work that they needed help with. All of us found it so cool to see so many pigs and cows and be able to pet and be around them. We had a ball chasing some of the pigs around and petting all of their cats that wanted so eagerly to be around us. For lunch we were able to sit by the little waterfall and stream and just see what God had put here on this earth. When we returned to LVR, everyone went on their last hike here or went into the game room for their final game!

During dinner there was a special surprise planned for us by our friends in the community. We were honored to have the mayor of the city of Greeneville and mayor of Greene county with us. We all thought that they were going to say good work and everything but we were just a little off on that thought! After a beautiful dinner, the two mayors read a Proclamation that declared this day Boca Raton Christian School Day in the city of Greeneville. So in that case, Happy Boca Christian Day!!!

When everything calmed down and our devotions were over, we had a bonfire. After singing some songs, we all said what God has laid on our hearts and we saw how close we had grown as a class. We have decided that we will work to always  have this class unity and remember this incredible experience.

From the Sophomore class to You, Good Night from Long View Ranch!

Serving With an Open Heart

Posted by: Marianna

Our Tuesday morning started with devotions, led by Kori Clark and Victoria Olivera. They discussed, with our local missions group, that it is better to give than to receive, which applies greatly to the missions work we've all been completing. After debriefing, with Mr. Mockler and Mrs. Lake, we loaded into the bus and drove over to the East Campus, where the first group of students were dropped off. As soon as everybody got there, we headed into our classes we served in yesterday. The children were eager to play with us again, and if possible, were even more energetic than the day prior. Similiar to yesterday, the local missions students played with the children in the classroom, which involved drawing, learning cards, and playing house. Over in the West Campus, the second group actually got to play with the children today, which was something they were excited about, because they helped clean classrooms yesterday and weren't able to. Once our time with the kids ran out, it was time for lunch.


After stopping for lunch at Tijuana Flats, the local missions traveled to Boca Glades church. A group of students helped to clean various rooms within the building, and some tended to the areas that needed work outside. Soon, everybody ended up outside, where we all helped to pick weeds and vines from the various areas around the church, beautifying the area. Once we were finished serving, we boarded the bus and headed back to Boca Christian. Overall, the day was very tiring, but we all enjoyed interacting with the children, and working together to complete the various tasks appointed to us, while we served others with an open heart!



Monday, April 07, 2014

Spring Cleaning and Movie Watching

Posted by: Catie Fleres and Joy Smith

Another day for working for God in 47 degrees and raining! We woke up today to see that there was rain going over the mountains that made it look mystical and gets you to realize all that God has given us. When we got to the dining hall, there were pancakes and sausage and a Biblical lesson on why to obey authority. We then did our daily devotions and are ever closer to memorizing out bible verses.

For the work that we did today is that we went to the Boys and Girls Club and did all the spring cleaning. We cleaned the halls, scrubbed gym mats, mopped under the snack machines, pumped air into the basketballs, dusted all the different rooms, organized t-shirts, and cleaned out the lost and found.  While sorting the lost and found, we discovered a 9XL sweatshirt, and had fun theorizing how many people could fit in it.   After all that cleaning, we played basketball and knockout.  We had such a great time!

After lunch, we went back to Long View to do some more burning of fallen wood in the paths of the forest. After it was all finished, some of us went hiking or went to play games in the game room, but the one thing that many of us enjoyed the most today is that we were able to learn how to do archery ( to bring out the inner Katniss Everdeen). It was loads of fun!

For dinner, we got to try something a little different... corn pudding! For dessert (the best part of the meal) we had banana pudding. Yummy! As we finished up the night with praise and worship and devotions, we watched the movie 42. We enjoyed delicious homemade kettle corn! Looking forward to final day of work tomorow - can't believe its almost over.

From the Sophomore class to You, Good Night!

Dia Final de Ministerio

Posted by: Adrianna Casanova and Nicole Grant 

Today was our last full day at Pura Vida and we are definitely sad to say goodbye. We woke up and did our usual tag time and then were off to La Cancha. It was a scorching day out here in Costa Rica, but that did not stop us from spreading the word of God to the children in fun ways. After a delicious lunch we were off to our last day at Linda Vista. We had muy divertido (aka a lot of fun – see our Spanish is improving!!) playing with our kids for the last time. Saying goodbye to the kids was an emotional experience for most of us but they have for sure touched all of our lives. Now we are awaiting a great dinner and a fun game of soccer with our entire class for our last night at Pura Vida.

Shout outs:
We miss you Elise (and the rest of the seniors)! Hope you’re having fun in Boca J - Nicole, Adrianna, Emily, Gabby, Alex, Kaitlyn


Fun, Rewarding Day at Florence Fuller

Posted by: Marianna Jane

After morning devotions, led by Elise Hadden & Matt Magalhães, who talked about the importance of having compassion for the children we were going to interact with, the local trip traveled over to both the East Florence Fuller Center and the West. Two groups were divided, amongst the local group, and at the East Florence Fuller Center, the first group headed straight into the classrooms to interact with the children. An interesting and cute quality about the classrooms was, each individual class was named something different, with names such as Lion King, Pooh Bear, and Snoopy. The children, at first, were slightly shy, but soon, they opened up to us. It took little to no time for them to start wanting us to watch them draw, sit with them, eat breakfast with them, and for the local mission girls with long hair, they wanted to play and braid their hair. Various classes read stories and after that time, it was time to head outside for recess.



Over at the West campus, where the second group served, 3 groups were divided amongst the students. The first two groups got to play with the children, teaching them how to write their names, drawing with them, and sharing story time with them. The third group helped to clean classrooms that needed to be cleaned.

When it was time to leave the East campus of Florence Fuller, it was hard to leave, even though we're going back tomorrow. Some kids would hold on to students legs, not letting go until they were told to by their teachers. Once departed, we went to have 620 subs for lunch and then walked across the street, from the school, to the White House, where youth group is held every Wednesday. The local missions group helped to organize clothing onto the appropriate shelves, in the garage. It was hot, and many of us were tired, but we pushed through it, with the help of each other.

Once we finished our various tasks at the Youth Group House, we finished our day debriefing in the resource room. We all had a wonderful day and we're all looking forward to working with the kids again!

Sunday, April 06, 2014

Ready, Aim and Fire!!

Posted by: Catie Fleres

So the day started with the hardest thing to do, getting out of bed. We were able to sleep in a little more today. For breakfast there were cinnamon muffins and bagels. We then did our daily devotions (Eph.3) and went to get ready for church. We were given an impacting sermon by Pastor Tootie from Disciples Point church. The church was not like your everyday church, it was in an old car dealership. It was the coolest thing and ever so different. We were able to eat an Italian themed potluck which they all provided for us!

When we got back from church, we went right into paint ball. Many of us had never even played before, so we were a little nervous. Even if you were experienced or not, the one person that you did not want to mess with was Mr. Hood. We all had a blast and it was a little painful, but no one cared, as long as they were having fun. When the shooting was over and the guns were put away, we had a very Mexican dinner. As dinner was over, we continue to work on memorizing verses from Ephesians and did it in small groups tonight. After that we enjoyed our praise and worship and discussed our notes from this mornings devos.  As the night is concluding, we still are playing our games. We are all having a competitive game of signs in the dining hall!

From the Sophomores class to You, Good Night!

Posted by:Juniors

After sharing the gospel on Mill Ave til midnight,  we were up early for marching! The women March at 6 and the men at 6:30. The day continued with various outreaches and ended with street evangelism in a couple of local areas. Many of us had interesting conversations and opportunities to pray with people, and a few took the microphone for some street preaching - great job, Danny,  Amanda, and Mr. Wheeler!
From Mrs. Barnhill:
Parents, be proud of your children.  They have accepted the challenge to be a blessing and have ministered with enthusiasm and grace in every situation.

Costa Rica DAY 3!!

Posted by: Rachel Kreisel and Jessica Halle

Hola from Costa Rica! The 3 groups broke off and went to their morning sites.  Group Fuego played a great game of soccer with a bunch of the kids and were able to share Christ’s love through songs, skits, and many piggy back rides. It is cool to see how although there is a language barrier, we can still love on the kids and have fun. Afterwards, all of the groups went to have a picnic lunch at Las Musas, a waterfall and waterpark.  The 400 foot waterfall was way to cold for these Floridians but we all enjoyed it. We then went back to our afternoon sites and played some more games. Now back and exhausted, we are all awaiting our usual meal of rice and beans. Hasta Mañana!

P.S. Mrs. G was just able to meet her sponsor child’s family and it was too precious.

Shout Outs:

- Isaac Ribiero- Hi Mom, I’m okay.
- Rachel Kreisel- HOLA MOMMACITA, I miss and love you and Dad. I met Dylan’s sponsor child, Aaron J (see picture below)
- Rosa Puente- Shoutout to mi madre for giving birth to me and sending me on this AMAZING trip, also I miss you…kinda!! Hi Sarah  miss you and tell my kids I miss them and cant wait to see them
- Kimmy Hummel- Hi mom and dad! I love and miss you guys so much! Thank you for sending me on this trip!
- Kylie says hi and I have a lot of pictures and I love you
- Josh says love you mommy and hi

Prayer Requests:
- energy
- more sponsorships

Counselor Nava's group - the Enforcers

Mr. Smith and Mrs. Sengberg's group - the Manatees

The little boy, Gito, clung to Dylan the entire day.

Lunch break at a beautiful waterfall.

Eating at the mission house.

Mrs. Gutierrez's group - El Fuego

Collin protecting himself from the elements and avoiding the dreading sunburn.

Rachel with Aaron, the little boy that her brother Dylan sponsors.

El Fuego at Linda Vista

The whole group

Dylan's sponsor child saying hello!