Thursday, April 03, 2014

Cleaning Day at Florence Fuller

Posted by: Marianna Jane
Today, the local mission trip traveled out to the West Location of the Florence Fuller Center. As soon as we got off the bus, we headed into the campus and the group of 9 students were split into two groups. Then, we began serving. In this case, various classes needed to be cleaned heavily, so our first mission was: Provide a clean environment for the children.
Mrs. DiStefano supervised the first group in the first class, which consisted of Brittany Votteler, Elise Hadden, Adriel Martinez, and Gabrielle Perez. Mrs. Lake supervised the group of 5 students in the second class, which consisted of Julia Novaes, Marianna Jane, Roberto Madrigal, Matthew Magalhães, and Mark Cancel.

Wiping down computers, cleaning windows, sanitizing toys, and vacuuming were few of the many things we were happy to do for the class and teachers. After we completed our service, the local missions trip were extremely proud of their work, and hoped that the kids and teachers would be happy with the clean classroom they now had. A moment that was extremely rewarding was when a man who worked at the center, stated that our end product of the classroom was the cleanest he's ever seen it. Wow!
After completing our work at the West Florence Fuller Center, we ate lunch at Jimmy Johns Subs and they even gave us a 10% discount. When finished with lunch, the local missions trip then traveled to the East location of the Florence Fuller Center. We met with the staff employees and they directed us over to an area where we could begin cleaning toys, which is vital in regards to the children's health. After creating a diluted bleach solution, we began to dunk and rinse dirty toys. Bins and bins of legos, fake food toys, and animals were making their way to a clean state, and soon, we were finished and had provided the children with clean and safe playing toys.
When we were done, we said goodbye to the staff, but not before Mrs. Lake explained what our missions were all about. We are all very excited to see what God has in store for us, and we can't wait to see what unravels in the next week!