Thursday, April 03, 2014

From Florida to South Carolina in a Day!

Posted by: Catie Fleres

 So what has happened today for all of you to know!! Today started with all of us getting driven to school by our wonderful parents. When we arrived, we all gathered and talked before going into the dinning hall to be briefed about the morning. We were all given verses to memorize over the course of the trip. We circled up and said them aloud with Dr. Tennies listening.

We then boarded the bus and began the drive north on I95. The bus ride was a lot of fun. most of us were asleep and the rest were talking about life.  Lunch had many different options such as Five-Guys, Chipoltle , and Chick- fil- a.  After a delicious lunch, we were on the bus for another 5 hours until we ate at Crackle Barrel. There were competitive card games and ABC games going on during the bus ride.

After dinner, one of the waitresses, Gaby, gave us all free candy for desert because she loved our group so much and put a smile on her face. We have arrived at our hotel in Columbia, South Carolina. After a brief time of devotions in the lobby, everyone is ready for a goods night rest.  We look forward to arriving at Long View at approximately noon tomorrow!

From the Sophomore class to you, Good Night!