Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Just Like Jesus, We Love the Little Children

Posted by: Marianna

Our Wednesday morning began with devotions led by Alex Klint and Mark Cancel. The two groups of students, divided amongst the local group, were then both dropped off to their individual campuses of the Florence Fuller facilities: East and West. It has been 3 days into working with the children, at the day care, and it's been great getting to know them and their various personalities. Today, most of the kids in general, in regards to both campuses, were definitely getting used to us coming into their classrooms and interacting with them. It definitely helps that we stay with our same class, and do not switch out at any point. But, that does not mean they're not as energetic and not looking for any opportunity to play with us, and wanting our undivided attention. Just as the previous days, they've wanted us to draw with them, draw for them, play house with them, and read to them. We've all been very surprised at how smart they all are, considering they're only about 4-5 years of age, and how quickly they pick up things. We realize how important it is to set a positive example for them; one that mirrors Christ, though that has been our goal since the first day of working with the kids. Some of the East campus students even got to participate and help the children learn a song they would be performing for an event at the daycare. When it was time for recess, in the East campus, the local missions trip students had a child's hand grasping each of their fingers, urging us to play games with them such as monster, tag, hide and go seek, and hula hooping. We all worked together to keep the children safe, when playing on the equipment, and providing a fun and joyful time with them outside. When it was time to leave, the children inquired if we'd be back tomorrow, and barely let some students leave, but we assured them that we would and eventually departed for lunch.


We ate in the food court at the Boca mall, and once done, headed over to the White House, where youth group is held. Similiar to Monday, we helped to organize clothes, in the garage, and put together boxes of outfits for people in need. Once finished, we walked back to Boca Christian and debriefed in Mrs. Lake's room, going over the entire day of missions. Tomorrow is our final day of missions, and as this week is coming to a close, we hope to provide a wonderful last day with the children at Florence Fuller! It has been a complete joy to work and interact with them, and has definitely made us appreciate things more, as well as be more compassionate.