Thursday, April 10, 2014

Our Last Day; We'll Miss You!

Posted by: Marianna

Our final day and morning of missions trip consisted of a debriefing of our prior week, as well as things we can demonstrate and carry with us, after missions trip is over. We all have been able to witness to the people we've been interacting with, with our words, but more importantly, our actions. Also, the local missions group have really gotten to know each other, and have seen outstanding character qualities emerge and be seen in each other, when we've been put into various situations. As we finished up our morning debriefing, we carried an attitude of thankfulness and servile into Florence Fuller, hoping to have an impacting last day of missions with the kids. The day went as usual, but it was definitely harder to get through, knowing this was our final day with them. When it was time for recess, we played with them, with all of our might and energy, and when the time came, had a difficult time saying goodbye. Questions such as "Are you coming back tomorrow?" or "Are you going to be back?" where inquired by the children, and it was almost painful to say we weren't. We've really bonded with these children, and care so much for them, that some students were barely able to leave without a teary eye. In their individuals lives, though we don't know all of the children's stories, we know that their mother or father isn't always there, so taking that into account spurred tears even more. Numerous students also thanked the teachers, because they're with the children every day, providing education for them, and truly doing everything they can for the kids. As we were departing, the children waved goodbye to us through the playground fences, and the local missions group boarded the bus back to Boca Christian.

We had our final debrief in the resource room and talked about everything we've all been apart of. Though it is our last official day of missions, we hope to continue to have an impact on others and serve the community. For many of us, we hope to work with Florence Fuller again, because we truly do love and appreciate the facility, and everything they're doing. We've all had an incredible time and look forward to next year's missions trips!