Friday, April 04, 2014

Splitting, Burning, and Donkeys! Oh my!

Posted by: Catie Fleres

So, we finally made it to Long View! Yeah! We were able to make it just in time for lunch from Mrs. Widmaier, which was pulled pork sandwiches! after a bountiful lunch, we went straight to work. Mr. Hood and Mr. White took the guys to the wood splitter, Mrs. Clark went with another group to the barn to polish all of thier horse sadles.  While down at the barn, the group met horses and the donkey of Long View!  The final group stayed in the dining hall and did something like spring cleaning. There was dusting, washing of the windows, and painting of the doors.  The final job was clearing some of the fallen branches from winter and making a bon fire.  It may sound like all of this was hard work, but it seemed to be all fun for us.

When we finished our chores, we were all able to explore the woods and many trails thoughout the property. We got together for a excellent plate of baked ziti and a meaningful bible lesson on Ephesians chapter 1.  As the sun went down, the man hunt game was awakened - many were caught and the rest got away. Thats what you can say was a fun day!

From the Sophmore class to you, Good Night!