Thursday, March 19, 2015

Blazer Helping Hands

Posted by: Chris Shafer
On our trip today, we went opened up with a devotional. Afterwards, we set off to Boca Helping hands. There, the staff divided us up into two groups - one to cut up beef and the other to sort boxes and cans in the back. The group in the back had fun getting to know the staff members and volunteers of Boca Helping Hands.

The group cutting up beef had fun as well.

Afterwards, we had lunch there and walked back to the school. From the school, we went to Mr. Mockler's and did lawn work for him. It was nice to have him with us for a short while in the beginning of the day and to go to his house in the afternoon. I pray that his health is restored so that he can return to teaching us. Now, I'm not sure what everybody else learned, but what I learned is that nothing in this world is by accident. God has us where we are for a specific reason and purpose. For whatever reasons, we're here at home on the local mission, serving God. I know each of you is probably disappointed you're not on your class trip with your class this year, but we're here for a reason. And it's our decision whether we should fulfill that decision or not. I say we do! Have a goodnight all!