Saturday, March 21, 2015

Day 1 of VBS

Posted by: Kiley Rae Witt and Mitchell McGovern

Background Information

Our team of 17 students was broken up into two teams. Each team visits one VBS site in the morning, we all reconvene at the mission for lunch, and then each team visits a different VBS site in the afternoon. This way, we are able to reach four different parts of the city. We will try to have one person from each team blog every night. Our internet access is limited, so please be patient!

Kiley – Mrs. Gutierrez’s Team – Los Relampagos (Lightning)

The seniors have made it and we are already falling in love with these kiddos! We may speak two different languages, but we are having a great time! We start our time together with games like soccer, basketball, football, and coloring. Then we get to the good stuff…Today we told the kids the story of The Tower of Babel. The puppet shows went amazingly well and made all the kids laugh. The worship was fun to sing in Spanish with the kids; you would be surprised how well kids from ages 2-10 remembered our memory verse on the first day! (1 John 5:3) Last night we got the privilege to worship God with the team here at Pura Vida, then hear a message from Romans and talk about being transformed rather than conforming to the patterns of this world. The start of our trip has been such a blessing on all of us so far! We can’t wait for day two!

Mitchell – Mr. Smith’s Team – The Narwhals

It’s our first day on mission here at Pura Vida and us gringos are already forming a bond with the kids here. After three years of French I’m really thankful that there are people here to teach me the basics of Spanish.  We talked about the tower of babel, gave a short testimony, did some crafts, and played some games. Overall the kids responded well to us – which was unexpected. They may have cracked a few jokes about me I didn’t quite understand… It was a pretty solid day.

Student Comments:

“Hey dad, I get what you mean now by when you said people who speak Spanish always question our last name Sangree haha” – Tess Sangree

“Shout out to my boy Pedro (the freshman)! And Hi mom, love you! Oh yea you too Gabby. Hi Britt!” – Louis Alfieri

“Hi familia, Miss you and love you! See you soon Dylan!” - Kiley

“Thank you Mommy for the Kit-Kats and Reese’s! Everyone loved them! Thank you Britt, Sarah, and Mick for the birthday cards! I love you guys xoxo” 
-       Amanda

“Happy birthday mom!!!” – Cristina

“The Payne family can travel 1,000 miles and remove an organ, all before lunch. Hola Rachel, Will, Morgan, Mother, and Father.” –Collin Payne

“Hey mom and dad, Costa Rica is pretty nice, say hi to the family in town for me.  Hey Michelle, miss you, feel better”

“Hello mother and father and the rest of the Carpinello squad.”

- Casey

The mission's big room where we have worship, eat meals, and plan for VBS.

Danny being the Tour Guide and telling the kids the story of the Tower of Babel.

The kids racing on their "caballitos" (horses).

Amanda turned 18!! Feliz Cumpleanos!!