Saturday, March 21, 2015

Posted by: Joy Smith

We arrived at school at 4 am and have been going nonstop since then.   After arriving in Phoenix and getting lunch, we went hiking at Papago Park.  We spent several hours exploring, climbing, and just enjoying the humidity-free air.  We climbed in places that seemed more like climbing a rock wall than hiking a mountain.

We were all kind of unsure what to expect when first arriving at the Dream Center, but were pleasantly surprised to find such a welcoming and loving atmosphere.  We quickly got our stuff moved into our rooms and went down and ate dinner all together.  We had cake to celebrate Olivia's birthday and while we ate Krystal, the Short-term Missions Coordinator, explained the various outreaches that the Dream Center is involved with and what we would be doing for the next few days.

Shortly after dinner, we went to a park in a poorer neighborhood and played with the kids there.  We also helped prepare food to serve the kids and helped teach a Bible lesson to the children.  The children taught us to appreciate all we have.  They were able to be happy and have fun even with what little they had.  They showed us that true joy isn't found in possessions, but in the love of God.

Right now some of us are out near the Arizona State party scene evangelizing to college kids.  We have another busy and event-filled day planned for tomorrow and would ask for much prayer.  We look forward to all the opportunities to serve others and glorify God tomorrow!