Thursday, March 26, 2015

Van Buren Outreach and

Posted by: Joy Smith/Chase Henderson
Monday night we went to the Van Buren outreach.  We ministered to the homeless, fed the homeless, we did praise and worship, and also participated in a cross walk. During the crosswalk we would handout bags with a pillow, a bible, some basic hygiene items, and other miscellaneous things. After the cross walk Lucien, Chase, Rachel, Catie, and I met a homeless man named Ken who had drawn thousands of pictures and had given them out to children who he had seen throughout his life.  The sad part was when I asked him if he had any children of his own, he responded by telling me that he knew he had children but wasn't at all involved in their lives and didn't even know how old they were. It broke my heart see that this man clearly cared for children, but had missed out on being part of his own children's lives. Ken was a kind and gentle man who at first I was scared to approach, after spending about twenty minutes talking to him it almost brought me to tears when I had to say goodbye. After we finished talking with Ken we all prayed for him and he gave us pictures of different animals.
During the last missions trip meeting Mrs. Barnhill handed each of us a name of someone else going on the trip. This was your blessing buddy, During the trip most people would get their buddy something like their favorite candy or drink. For example my blessing buddy got me four Starbucks drinks. On the last night in Arizona we reveled out blessing buddy and we would give them words or encouragement and tell them what we like about them.

. . . that was written last night, and with wifi difficulty, it wasn't able to be posted. Suffice to say it was a wonderful trip! Come to the mission trip chapel tomorrow and hear all about it! Mrs. Barnhill