Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Finishing Strong

Posted by: Christina Sullivan, Emma Vallely, and Jordan Giandomenico

Day 3: 
Today the teams conquered their fears and tried new things.  Among the things we did was the rich man/poor man meal. In it we experienced a simulation that represented people with different birthrights. While there were only a few of us representing the developed countries, most were underdeveloped, which shows how much of the world lives in poverty. Our work groups worked extremely hard today and did everything with a joyful spirit, helping one another as well as the HEART staff.  We finished the day with a cookout by the bonfire, followed by our community devotions and time of worship.

Team A "team tetnus"
Team B "ready for work"
Team C "getting pumped"

Felipe on the ropes course

Campfire Hot Dogs!

Feeding the chickens

Evelyn and her new baby friend! (yummy breakfast for tomorrow)

Madi cleaning the pig's feed buckets