Wednesday, March 16, 2016

God moved in our midst last night!

Posted by: Mr. Hood

WOW!! What an amazing final day it was yesterday here on the Sophomore Trip.  The students continued to show their willingness to work hard and do whatever project needed to be done as we went to the Rural Resources farm.  They were divided into 6 teams and did projects like raking the dirt into planting beds in the field, painting the beams of new pavilion, bagging leaves used for compost, building a new worm farm box, cleaning the bus used for distributing fresh veggies to the community, and much more.  The staff at Rural Resources was blown away by the attitudes and hard work of our students!

After the tremendous work done at the farm, we decided to go on a beautiful hike to Margarette Falls. The class had an opportunity to see the glory of God's creation!

The day was concluded with an absolutely amazing time around the bonfire.  The Holy Spirit was certainly moving in our lives as people shared with deep vulnerability.  We heard of so many that have dealt with pain and hurt in their lives and this was an opportunity to share it with their classmates who responded with the love of Christ!!  It was so very special and we are now praying for these students to build on what has happened on this trip.  Please join us in praying for God to do mighty things with this Sophomore class.  I am so incredibly grateful for His answers to prayers for all of us on this trip to hear from Him - well...He spoke and we all heard Him loud and clear!! :-)  All praise and glory to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!!


Blogger Ruth Leon said...

Wonderful news to our ears, prayers do really work. We are excited to hear about last night. Thank you to all the teachers who so loving and willingly have given your time to oversee and pray for our children. Safe travels today and tomorrow.
To God be the Glory. John 14:13-14

3/16/2016 11:34 AM  
Blogger Ruthie Weil said...

I love the sophomores! Praying that you'll carry with you the results of this trip! Thank you for your willingness to serve and to bless each other!

3/16/2016 8:29 PM  
Anonymous Georgette Barboni said...

Rejoicing with you all for how you've seen and heard God move in your midst! Praying that His voice will continue to resound! Be blessed class and chaperones as you travel home!

Can't wait to see you, Elise! Much love and big hugs!!

3/16/2016 9:31 PM  

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