Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Life on the Farm

Posted by: Jack Oden, Van Kimmey, Christina Sullivan

Day Two: After an early start at 6:30, we started our morning jobs, including milking goats (many drank straight from the goat), making meals, and tending to the garden. We enjoyed a delicious breakfast of oatmeal, and began cleaning the dining room. Our activities in the hot sun began at 10, where many proceeded to tend the animals and learn about cross-cultural communication. Our lunch consisted of rice and black beans, and we proceeded to clean up yet again. At 2, we enjoyed playing a new game the interns called 'Schism'. The game was a mix between dodgeball and volleyball. Most of us enjoyed the sport, and multiple work groups were divided into teams of 2. After the game, we participated in cooking dinner, which consisted of bread and rabbit stew, and learning about technology in farming. After dinner, we cleaned the dining room, and ended the night with devotions, praise and worship, and prayer.

At a lookout during the Prayer Walk
Trenton and Stefan milking a goat
Evelyn and her piggy friend
Our group's new favorite game: Schisms!!
(A cross between volleyball and dodgeball)