Thursday, March 10, 2016

Local Missions 2016 Day 1

Posted by: Vittoria Sottani, 10th grade

First day was a total success. We started with devotions and worshipped the Lord in chapel. Three of us brought their guitars, which made today's trip even more fun. During devotions, we talked about how everything that God created is good, which means that we are good ALSO, and that as humans, we need to appreciate ourselves and each other more for God loves us more than anything He has ever created.

Once arrived at our first destination, the team worked really hard and spent precious time with little kids at the Florence Fuller Child Development Center. Each class of kids got to meet one or two of us, ask us questions and share playtime. All of us were differently impacted from either little kids or teachers. Tucker Hindle said, "Just as those kids found comfort and love in God, I can find love in God." Also,  Mr. Rhodes commented, " I was encouraged to see other godly people stepping up to make a difference in the world. Their sacrifice is teaching those kids so much and it's encouraging to see!"

At the end of the day, we helped out 4 Kids Association by washing their windows, cleaning up their kitchen, and cutting the grass. We showed great teamwork and love.

We are looking forward for the many blessings and learning experiences that we will encounter tomorrow as we continue to glorify God by impacting other people's lives.

Ready to go!

Anthony and Madai trying to remove bugs from the walls :)
Roberto playing with a little girl from Florence Fuller :)
Roberto helping out V and Mr. Rhodes with trash :)
 Tucker, Lauren, Jonathan, and Anthony helping out cleaning windows and walls :)
  V and Roberto washing the windows as Uygar helped removing the bugs :)
Anthony playing with little kids from Florence Fuller :)