Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Local Missions Trip Day 5

Posted by: Vittoria Sottani

WHAT A DAY! Not only we were able to impact the kids' lives at Florence Fuller, but also the elderly! In the morning, we spent some extra time with the kids, since we had no hurry to leave for another activity. Many of us have noticed that little boys are most likely to cry more than girls, while girls are most likely to fight more than the little guys. We all shared how each class of kids behaved, and the most interesting of all was that we all agreed with what we've shared, which taught us that even though each one of us is unique, we all come from the same Father. Each of us has to deal with different problems, but we need to understand that we all need the same remedy, which is the acceptance of God into our hearts. That is what those kids need, and we are blessed to be able to show them that.
We ended the first half of the day by playing,  all together, on the playground. The kids are SO in love with us, and so are we!! It is always sad seeing them yelling our names and asking to come back as we get on the bus ready to leave for lunch.

After eating, we went to sing to the elderly. We were, once again, able to share God's word, and also God's characterization by simply showing love, compassion, gratitude, and respect. We sang to them worship songs. They just LOVED IT!! It melt our hearts seeing them clapping and trying to sing with us. We also played bingo, and interacted with them  by asking questions or playing cards.

We continue to pray every morning, after devotions, for those who are coming back from missions trips, and for those who are spending their last night. We love you and can't wait to see you'll on Friday!!