Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Overcoming Obstacles

                                                                   Cleaning out a cart.
                                                                Learning about different foods
                                                                     Moving tables
Posted by: Jordan and Van and Emma

   We started off the first day with a little bus trouble, but after switching a few buses we were on on way. When we arrived at the Heart Institute we settled into the cabins and split up into work groups.  At first, people were unsure of the environment, but they soon found that this place is a blessing. These first two days have been taxing but everyone persevered through the day and had an amazing time. Some of the activities and chores included cleaning, caring for the animals, building fences, moving rocks to build a terrace, and we even cooked some meals! (Moms you should be proud),  We all came together at the end of the day and sang songs of worship and had a devotional time.  Overall, after some close encounters with the creepy-crawlies, we hit the pillows.  We are ready for another great day.  Thank you for all your prayers.

 BTW: Jordan picked up a goat and Van picked up a horse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!