Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Local Missions Trip Day 4

Posted by: Vittoria Sottani

Unfortunately, the end of mission trips is coming closer... BUT, that only motivates us to really enjoy these last couples of days.

First of all, all the kids are now able to remember all of our names and so can we! In the
morning, we could see them impatiently waiting for us to arrive, and not wanting to eat breakfast before we stepped in the class. Anxiously hoping we would arrive soon to play. Their love is so pure, and that is because of God's love. Regardless the fact that they fight or cry at times, at the bottom of their heart, all they are looking for and what they really need is love. We are blessed by the fact that we are able to show them love, and how Jesus wants us to treat others and ourselves.
We are daily impacted by those angels, whom everyday bless us with something new.

After lunch, we went to the movies to watch "The young Messiah." Many of us liked it, while others thought that some changes could be made regarding what happened when. As a group, we liked the movie because it gave us an idea of what Jesus' early life might, and probably did, had looked like.

We are looking forward for tomorrow!!! We have been praying for the other mission trips, and that they are able to arrive home safely :)