Friday, March 11, 2016

Welcome to the Dream

Posted by: Rachael Fleres

Junior Class before climbing Papago Park
We arrived safely at in Phoenix, Arizona at around 9:30 (UTC). We had to wait a little bit as we arrived earlier than planned but it wasn't bad. After we rented the cars we headed out to lunch before hiking Papago Park. Some hiked half, some hiked all, but it was still an amazing feeling. It felt as though you were on the top of the world no matter where you are. After hiking for a couple hours we headed to the Phoenix Dream Center where we had dinner and then a tour. Last thing of the night was a Praise and Worship meeting. It was a moving experience, getting together with all these people that strayed so far from God and yet they are back again- or maybe for the first time. This morning was an outreach at CASS. We went out and talked to some of the homeless, sang, shared testimonies, and handed out food. It was an amazing thing to see and an amazing thing to hear.
The boys during worship on the first night

Emily and a friend she made at CASS
Caeden sharing his testimony at CASS