Friday, March 31, 2017

Blazing New Trails

Posted by: Madison delBosque 
We arrived at Long View during lunch time and immediately had a delicious meal of pulled pork sandwiches. After getting settled into our cabins we divided into three work teams. One team moved lumber for the new cabin being built, while the other two teams cleared new trails in the woods surrounding camp. Everyone worked diligently and completed more work than the Long View staff thought was possible. 
The students had free time before dinner, which allowed them to play basketball, nine square, gaga ball and tether ball or social time in their cabins or dining hall. The wonderful meal of baked ziti with a salad and the famous Long View Ranch banana pudding for dessert made everyone happy. After dinner we had our first session of memorizing our verses from Ephesians, Mr. Hood commented that our class had one of the best first sessions that he can remember. 
Our large praise and worship team of seven students led by Mr. Weil helped us have a wonderful beginning to our evening bible study. We then discussed what we have learned from Ephesians chapter one and two from the past couple days. We ended our time with a special time of class prayer. 
The day ended with some intense games of Man Hunt, which is a special game of hide and seek. We are looking forward to our day of logging tomorrow as we help people next winter to warm their homes. We cherish all your prayers and will hopefully be blogging each day. (Sorry no pictures tonight due to technical difficulties.) 

This is the sophomore class signing off for tonight! 

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Seniors have arrived safely in Costa Rica!

Posted by: Mrs. Gutierrez

Good evening everyone! Our senior class arrived safely in Costa Rica, and we had orientation right away at Pura Vida missions. Then, we went on a prayer walk and prayed over the communities where we will be hosting VBS. Now, everyone is preparing for VBS tomorrow, and in a few minutes we will have worship led by the Pura Vida missions staff.

We will be checking the blog daily, and the seniors will be able to reply to your comments, so please feel free to leave comments! They get very excited when someone writes specifically to them :)

We have arrived in the San Jose airport!

In the bus on the way to Pura Vida Missions.

The three VBS worship leaders practicing their songs.

Working on the bible verse to teach the kids at VBS.

Getting ready for VBS!