Thursday, March 30, 2017

Seniors have arrived safely in Costa Rica!

Posted by: Mrs. Gutierrez

Good evening everyone! Our senior class arrived safely in Costa Rica, and we had orientation right away at Pura Vida missions. Then, we went on a prayer walk and prayed over the communities where we will be hosting VBS. Now, everyone is preparing for VBS tomorrow, and in a few minutes we will have worship led by the Pura Vida missions staff.

We will be checking the blog daily, and the seniors will be able to reply to your comments, so please feel free to leave comments! They get very excited when someone writes specifically to them :)

We have arrived in the San Jose airport!

In the bus on the way to Pura Vida Missions.

The three VBS worship leaders practicing their songs.

Working on the bible verse to teach the kids at VBS.

Getting ready for VBS!


Blogger jody smith said...

Asantasana squashed banana!! :) woooo whoooo glad you all made it safe!!! XOXO

3/30/2017 9:55 PM  
Anonymous Cheyenne Richards said...

Callie, How is Costa Rica? I miss you. Love, Cheyenne

3/30/2017 10:15 PM  
Anonymous Jennifer Walck said...

Miss you!! Looks like a fun group!! XXOO
Jennifer Walck

3/31/2017 8:37 AM  
Anonymous Austin Smith said...

Hakuna matata! Love you mom! -Austin

3/31/2017 9:24 AM  
Anonymous Callie said...

Costa Rica is lots of fun, have had a great time so far. I miss you too, have a great week at school, will call when I can. I love you!
Love, Callie.

3/31/2017 9:26 AM  
Anonymous Becca said...

Hi mom! Love you. Xoxo - Becca

3/31/2017 9:26 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Emily and senior class! Grateful you made it safe. Love you Emily!

Lisset Sanchez aka mom

3/31/2017 9:58 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Glad you made it safe!Now go and do God's work full heartedly and make us proud!we love you and miss you Alex Gaudette
Giuliana Gaudette

3/31/2017 10:50 AM  
Anonymous Kirsten Hood said...

So glad to see these pictures of you all! Praying for you and know that you will have an amazing time!! The sites are incredible and so are the people! :) Love and miss you Caeden!

3/31/2017 1:08 PM  
Anonymous Emily Sanchez said...

Hello Mom lol. Things are going really well here: it's beautiful and the culture is so amazing. Thanks for writing and keep checking up on us to find updates because there's literally no service :0. Love you and hope Dad, Mark, and Walle are all safe. <3

3/31/2017 2:37 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Great pictures. Glad all arrived safe and sound. Let the adventure begin. - GR & GB (looks warmer than Reno)

3/31/2017 2:38 PM  
Anonymous Bill Hood said...

Awesome! Love hearing the Seniors are there and getting ready for ministry! Great to see all of you. Love you Caeden and so proud of you being down there to share God's love with people! Have a wonderful time.

3/31/2017 5:14 PM  
Blogger Marnie said...

Hope you have a life changing time Phen! I'm so proud of you and I love you bunches
xoxoxo, Aunt Marnie

3/31/2017 11:10 PM  

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