Saturday, April 01, 2017

Day #2

Posted by: Amanda Gomes

Hello everyone!
Right now it's 10:58pm in Phoenix, and I am typing this on my tiny couch bed which contrary to popular belief I adore.

Today we got a fresh start around 6:00am (I was up a bit earlier) and had breakfast with the disciples.

The first task of the morning was to do an outreach people here at the Dream Center like to call

The game plan of AMBUSH! is to drive around in our vans and AMBUSH! any homeless people we encountered with the Gospel, information about the dream center, along with food and water for the day.

I was extremely nervous at the beginning. I didn't know what to do, or what to really say at first. I have grown up in the Christian lifestyle since the womb, I have learned from teachers and mentors and people in my life HOW to share the Gospel, but I never put it into practice until today.

We put so much prayer into this trip, and I was feeling so spiritually heavy yesterday. I prayed that God would intervene and pour out His anointing and divine spirit.


AMBUSH! was fantastic. In my group, everyone was just so open minded and willing to receive the Gospel and want to get help and hear the word and it was such a great experience. We got to be one on one with the homeless, which I found to be really special. It's important, it's so important to create bonds with the people around you. I met this one man named Alexander who told us that he was so grateful for people like us who come and have a conversation, "people don't want to treat the homeless like humans, people won't even look at us." That absolutely broke my heart. God poured out his love into these peoples lives and everyone no matter what they were doing, definitely felt the spirit around them. By the end, evangelizing felt so natural to me. It truly is something that is put into us when we receive the Holy Spirit when we accept Christ. It's the calling God has given to everyone.

To wrap it up, the rest of the day included a split between girls and guys to talk to Pastor Walt and his wife (the heads of Church On The Street) who delivered awesome messages to us. Then, a visit to The Chuck Box which had AH-MAZ-ING burgers, a beautiful hike at Papago Park where we took many, many, pictures and many of us almost slid down the rocky slopes (Thank God no one got injured). The view was absolutely gorgeous. From the hike we came back, ate dinner, and then split off into two groups, one going to Southside at Yappa Park, which is where I went, and then to Mill Avenue which is where a huge chunk of us are still at right now. Yappa Park involved children and providing food for them and playing with them and just having a good time. Mill Ave is nicknamed "party central" where most of the college kids and young adults go to, and it's a Friday night so it's probably extremely busy.

We miss you all back home! If you're reading this on your mission trip @Seniors @Sophomores @Freshmen, we love you all very much and are praying for you guys as well!

Keep us in your prayers everyone! I'm so excited to see whats in store for us on the rest of this trip! Goodnight! :)