Monday, April 03, 2017

Demolition and Work at LVR

Posted by: Jack Oden, Madison delBosque,, Pedro Morais Giacomo Fabiani and Emma Vallely

This was our fourth day in Tennessee, and one of our best days yet. We started the morning with a beautiful sunrise, somewhat blocked by clouds but still visible.

We were served a delicious breakfast of pancakes, regular or chocolate chip, along with sausage and cereal. Many of the boys played a pretty funny prank on Giacomo. He was complaining the other day about Felipe wearing his clothes a few days ago, so most of the guys raided his suitcase and wore his clothes to breakfast. Even Mr. Weil got in the prank (it was his idea)! The reaction was hilarious!

After breakfast and devos, we were split into two random teams. One team of 13 students and 2 chaperones took the Long View Ranch van to a new church that was just getting started and needed a huge demolition of offices that had been in a warehouse. Many of  us took crowbars and hammers to destroy frames, walls, and metal beams. It took many hours, but it payed off seeing that we saved the church almost $20,000!
The Demo Crew begins work on first wall
Gzifo and Felipe working in the middle of the building
The crew at end of  the day in the spot where the first wall had been!

The other team stayed at Long View Ranch and worked on painting the new cabin. Together, almost all of the cabin was painted in no time! Some people also cleaned the trails for the 5K Cherokee Trail Run that LVR is hosting. After both groups were finished with painting and chopping wood everyone headed down to the barn to help paint the horses fence. Since it was raining outside work ended early and most people went to the game room or stayed in their cabin. 

One group all pitching in on carrying planks of wood

Madi delBosque and Mr. Weil working on painting the cabin

Juliana Egan helping to paint the new cabin
Trenton ringing the dinner bell - which is tradition at LVR
For dinner, we had delicious steak, broccoli casserole and biscuits with LVR's famous strawberry jam. After dinner we went over Ephesians 5 which talked about what a man's and woman's roles are in a marriage. Then we took a spiritual gifts survey that was originally put in our devotional book by Mrs. Poole because she remembered taking one when she was in 10th grade. We all got to see what everyone's strengths were and met with those who had the same gifts as us. After devotions Mr. Hood played a movie for us called "Do you believe" it was a  very emotional movie. 

We are signing off from the sophomore class!