Wednesday, April 05, 2017

Freshmen Mission Trip Day 3

Posted by: Evangelia Gavrilos and Christine Stepkin

On day three of our mission trip we started the day with facility work, kitchen prep, and team building. After our morning activities, we had a big breakfast prepared by the students. After breakfast, the students worked on the facility for two and a half hours, and then had lunch that we prepared. We had a group game of kickball, and then proceeded to have free time to bond with each other. After free time, we had team building classes. For dinner, we simulated developed, developing, and under developing. We did this by giving three people a big, nutritious meal (which included pork chops, carrots, potatoes, and dessert), the developing countries ate beans and rice, and under developed countries ate bread with water. This taught us about gratitude and how to be aware an help others in need. We will end the night, with a campfire side worship time.