Wednesday, April 05, 2017

Local Lyfe (the Florence Fuller experience)

Posted by: Kori Clark and Beatrice Olmos

Florence Fuller has been a very eye opening experience. I (Kori) have been working with the babies. They need a lot of love all the time, but I've been really happy to just be there and give them attention. Beatrice has been working with the 1-3 year olds. They've been great, but it can be chaotic at times. It's great to spend time with them, love them, and play with them. All in all they are going to be missed by us because they were a great joy to be with. I've gotten attached to them because while many students have larger classes, I only have eight in my class. Florence Fuller has been a great experience for all of us and we are really thankful to the women that dedicate their lives to serving these children every day. We are excited about finishing our trip strong and are looking forward to seeing everyone soon!