Monday, April 03, 2017

Local Lyfe

Posted by: Local Missions Team

Greetings everyone from your local trip missionaries,

This year our local mission trip is off to a great start as we see the need to serve right here in our local community. In the mornings, we have been visiting the Florence Fuller Children Center.  Students have been teacher aids to children ages 0-5 years in the center. Many of these children are in low income or poverty level situations which makes the need for volunteering extremely important. In addition to the classroom help we have also assisted in putting on a “Family Fun Day” to encourage parents to come out and be a part of their child’s lives and educational experience.
            In the afternoons, we have been serving at Boca Helping Hands. Students have packaged silverware for daily meal distribution, made food bags for the hungry, processed donated food, cleaned tables, and much more. God is teaching us the importance of serving, but also to be thankful for the blessings that we have living here in Boca. Our team unity has been growing since day one and we have enjoyed strengthening relationships that were weak before the trip began.

Please continue to pray for our group as we work locally to love on the community. Thanks for all your support.

In Christ,

Local Lyfe (that’s our self-appointed mission trip team name)