Sunday, April 02, 2017

Sunday in Tennessee

Posted by: Madison delBosque and Jack Oden

Today is Sunday, our third day at Long View Ranch, and some of us started the morning early and watched the beautiful sunrise at 7:00!

After watching the sunrise, we had a late breakfast at 9:00 of French Toast Casserole, along with bacon, cereal, bagels, and yogurt. Since it was Eman Guerrero 16th birthday we sang him happy birthday to him before breakfast.

We attended church at Disciple's Point, a small local church converted from an old automobile dealership. Pastor Tootie and Russell greeted us, and we began worship with the praise team. After praise and worship, we had a really neat large group discussion led by Pastor Tootie on Isaiah 12 and he also shared a small talk on attitude and how it can affect our lives. It was a very different kind of service than most of us experience on a regular basis. Many of our classmates talked with the families in attendance, especially with the young children attending the church.

Afterwards, we visited Walmart - where Mr. Hood gave us 15 minutes to run in and buy food and any supplies that we might need, then headed back to Long View Ranch to enjoy a delicious lunch of chicken sandwiches, and grapes. Eman was sung happy birthday yet again.

Then after lunch we played an exciting game of paintball, the teams captains were Mr. Hood vs. Mr. Weil & Mr. Nava. Once the teams were chosen, Tyson explained the rules of the game and the safety precautions involved when playing. Finally, the teams loaded their guns with ammo and the first round began. We played multiple game variations such as capture the flag and king of the hill. Both teams had some fun victories! After a thrilling day of paintball, to clean ourselves off, many of the sophomores jumped in the breathtakingly cold pond.

For dinner we ate taco salad which is a Long View Ranch tradition and for dessert we had ice cream sundaes.  We sang happy birthday to Eman a third AND fourth time just for fun, but also bought him a cake with candles.

After dinner we had a brief but impacting discussion about Ephesians 4. In this chapter Paul talks about what we should and should not do as believers in Christ. We ended our devotions with a lovely time of small group prayer, which is when you get into a group of 3 to 4 people and share prayer requests among each other, then pray about it. It's been another awesome day at LVR!

Signing off from the Sophomore Class!