Sunday, March 18, 2018

Costa Rica Days #3 and #4

Posted by: Anastasia Gavrilos

Our last full day at our mission sites…what a feeling. I didn’t think that in just a short time we would find ourselves so completely devoted to these young, love-hungry children but saying goodbye left us with a bittersweet feeling (we may not see some of them on Monday because they have school).
We started our morning as we had days prior: an hour of soccer, some “dos y dos”, sidewalk chalk and general silliness until we calmed down enough to listen to the message of VBS. What set apart today from every other day was the one little boy that offered to pray for us, rather than us offering prayer for them. We can clearly see how the light of Christ is beginning to shine inside of these children. After lunch, we moved onto our second site and were greeted with similar shouts of joy as “los gringos locos” arrived to play and teach them about the promises of God. Hearing them recite “Salmos 1:6” or the English phrases all on their own is one of the most rewarding feelings as their desire to remain “cool” and distant in the eyes of their peers is replaced with a desire to learn about God.
Hopefully we see them again Monday, pray that school won’t keep them far! Today we’re headed off to church and I cannot wait to see how the love and power of God trumps all barriers and breaks through cultural divisions.

(Quick shout out, Happy Birthday to Phill!)

Love you all and see you soon!

Being led in worship by Tyler, the Pura Vida Missions worship leader.

Dr. Gutierrez's team at Linda Vista.

Class of 2018 at Las Musas waterfall and pool/water side.

We found Mr. Smith's twin at the soccer field in Costa Rica. 
After a great night of soccer. Dr. Gutierrez's team won; 2 - 0!