Friday, March 16, 2018

Seniors Day #2 in Costa Rica

Posted by: Emily Smith and Stephanie Casting

The class of 2018 was welcomed with open arms into the beautiful city of San Ramon, Costa Rica. After a three-hour plane ride, another hour on a bus, in addition to adjusting to a two-hour time difference and the loss of an hour from Sunday’s Daylight Savings time change the class was exhausted. The staff here at Pura Vida Missions encouraged us to go serve the community wholeheartedly. One of the first things that we did was go out on a prayer walk to the six different VBS sites that we served today. Taking the time to explore the communities and acknowledging the power of the presence of the Lord really ignited us to serve this community. Immediately, we were reminded of how blessed we are back home in the states.

The worship service following our time in the community was powerful. Pastor Albert’s message on Legacy set the atmosphere for our class to prepare their hearts for transformation. His ending was resonant as he asked, “What change do you want God to do in your life?” He prompted us to pray over the change that God has in store for us.

The next morning began with a scrumptious breakfast and a peaceful time alone with the Lord. We divided into three groups under the leadership of Mrs. Sanoja, Dr. Gutierrez, and Mr. Smith and went to three separate sites for VBS. We shared a the story of Noah, a memory verse, worship songs, arts/crafts, and testimonies with the topic being that although God punishes a sinful world he is faithful and forgives those who repent and turn to him. We repeated the morning schedule in the afternoon at three different sites.

This evening we will have a great time playing soccer and a late-night snack of American wings!

Shouts Outs:

Missing you and your hugs right now. Dad and I have talked a lot about how you should be here with us. We miss your sweet smile and loving self. I can’t wait for our first family night when we get back and it has only been a day.  Your presence is missed and your duo lingo is receiving appreciation in these moments. Love you more than words could say. Keep being the best teacher ever for your kids back at school! – Emmydoodle <3

Hi mom and dad! Love, Lindsey

Hi mom! Hi dad! Hi sisters! I love you! Love, Sarah

Hey Mamma and Pappa! How’s it having an empty nest? ;) No worries I love you and miss you deeply. See you soon!!! Thanks for all the prayers  - Marlena 

Shout out to my mom and my pops! And Kien and Kylie. Not Jensen. I love you guys. Love, Maika

I love you guys. Answer the phone on Whats App! – Love, Abby

Olivia painting nails at a VBS site.

Kyle playing soccer at a VBS site.


Marlena braiding hair at a VBS site.

Playing under the parachute.

Cole teaching the children the weekly Bible verse. The teenagers on bikes hang around and listen also.

Mr. Smith's VBS team.

Sarah leading the kids in a game.

The ladies preparing the craft for VBS.
Kendall writing a note to a classmate for their B-mail bag.

Exhausted after a long day.
Hanging out in the Pura Vida Missions courthouse.

Another view of the courtyard.