Saturday, March 17, 2018

Showing God's Love - by Logging!

Posted by: Mr. Hood
Today began with another fantastic Long View Ranch breakfast - sausage, egg and cheese biscuits - yummy! After breakfast we had our daily quiet time studying Ephesians Ch. 3. These mornings are so special - as we have all of us spread out throughout the LVR dining hall - perfectly quiet for 25 minutes while we read, pray and meditate on God's Word. It's such an awesome way to start our day!

We then loaded up in the LVR bus and drove into town (approx. 30 mins away) to meet with the volunteers of  the Greene County Wood Ministry - a group of churches who have been collecting firewood and giving it away to needy families for many years. This is the 8th year that our Sophomore class has been helping to load firewood into trucks and trailers on the Saturday of our trip. We form lines of students and pass firewood along the line until we dump it into the trailer - and this class loaded a ton of firewood today.

Everyone worked incredibly well - each doing what they were able to - and a number of the boys loaded some massive logs.

We are thankful for all of you who are praying for our safety on the trip - as this is most often the day someone gets hurt- and we had no major injuries today! We will all be a little sore and tired - but that is very good. God also blessed us with the second consecutive day of perfect weather.
The day ended with another fabulous LVR meal, some free time, awesome Praise and Worship (with one student describing it as "we just sensed the Holy Spirit moving in this place!"), a discussion of Ephesian Ch. 3, sharing "big-ups" (which are a way of giving encouragement to one or more of the classmates) and then some games of "man-hunt" outside around the dining hall and cabins. Overall another wonderful day for our Sophomores - and their chaperones!