Sunday, March 18, 2018

Sunday at LVR - Church, Paintball and Bonfire

Posted by: Mr. Hood

We had an wonderful opportunity to attend Arrowhead Church - a new church plant that last year's Sophomore class was able to help demo the inside of a warehouse and help create their entire new church facility! It was a powerful service and they have done a fantastic job with the building - which the Junior Class will be amazed to see:

Their entire church was very grateful to Boca Christian for the work our Sophomores did last year, so they thanked us in the service and then served us a delicious lunch. It was a great time of fellowship with other brothers and sisters in Christ.

In the afternoon, it was time for paintball in the woods of LVR. We has a super fun time of play a game of capture the flag. Everyone had a great time - even if we got shot a few times!

The day ended with an awesome time of sharing around the bonfire. Students were very real and transparent as they shared deep hurts or challenges with their classmates. There was a sense of true vulnerability which helps to bring unity to a class. Tears were shed, apologies given, forgiveness granted and hugs all around! Praise God for the work of His Holy Spirit in the lives of these students. We look forward to all that He has planned for this class in the future.

Signing off after another blessed day at LVR.
(P.S. Sorry for not great pictures of tons of the students - we just have not been able to upload them yet! Come to the Missions Chapel on Friday to see an awesome video of the trip!)