Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Final two days

Posted by: Bianca Saravia, Max Herbst, and Bill Hood
Today I'm writing the blog in front of a window that shows me the beautiful Smokey Mountains as the sun sets behind me. Yesterday we had breakfast and then went out to Holston Home for Children were some of us helped put up a ropes course, dig a seven foot hole, house cleaning for the horses (scooping horse poop), gardening, trimming bushes, and  picking up some sticks.

We ate lunch in some beautiful weather and then headed back to work. After our work there we headed to Margarette Falls and hiked to the waterfall. The hike was so beautiful and the waterfall was even more beautiful. It really makes someone admire how wonderful God is.

After we hiked back down we rushed back To Long View Ranch for Mr. Hood's favorite dinner, barbecue chicken, baked beans, coleslaw, and corn pudding. The food was amazing! Then for the rest of the night some people played in the game room, some relaxed and cleaned up, and some played man hunt. Today we started the day off with very yummy cinnamon rolls for breakfast and then worked around Long View Ranch. We split into to different groups and our jobs were to: cut logs, clean the dinning hall and kitchen, put up markers around the camp ,and burned wood, as well as painted the fence. We finished our work at noon and ate the delicious lunch, then we relaxed for a few hours. Some people went to the pond while others relaxed and cleaned up. Louise, Zach Ayotte and Liam did the Mud Run for a promotion video for Long View Ranch. Then we ate our last dinner broke into our group discussion and closed with an impactful prayer concluding with deep sharing around the bonfire. This is the Sophomores signing off for the final time....Thanking God for an amazing trip!!