Wednesday, April 10, 2019

The Children of Florence Fuller day school

Let me set the scene for you. The room is plain and drab, but bursting with happiness. The little children run around with squeals of delight poking their little hands into everything they can reach. There are about 17 children in the room, give or take, and on a normal day a single, under payed, over worked teacher has to deal with all of them. Trust me, they can be demanding. As cute as they are they have all of the traits of rambunctious 5 year-olds.  He touched me. She stole my toy. And as one child exclaimed the other day with tears in his eyes, "She won't stop looking at me!". 

The school has the children on a highly regimented, militaristic style schedule. They do this at this time no exceptions. It's understandable, these children need reliability, something they probably don't get much of at home. Florence Fuller is an institution run on government subsidy and donations. It provides early education to the underprivileged children in Boca. These teachers do everything for these kids. They brush their teeth, feed them meals, and try their best to teach them. 

The first few days at the school I was overwhelmed, unsure, and honestly a bit afraid. These children were needy in a whole new way. I was called upon to settle disputes (he stole my barbie! I had her first!), asked to read to them (I want to pick my own book!), and had to fend off children who wanted to be held/sit on my lap/given piggy back rides (we are not supposed to hold the kids). 

But what I realized is that as needy these children are the only thing they really crave is love and attention. Things that they probably don't get much of at home. They hold our hands, call our names, and wave at us when we leave. They have blessed me and I will miss them when this is all over.