Monday, April 08, 2019

Zona Day 3

Posted by: Kara Trevino

Today started with some empowering cross-walking/marching around the Dream Center along with some of the fellow disciples. Then, we went to the chapel for “soul-winning”, where Pastor Walt preached to us about how to start talking to people about Christianity and how we can get people to follow Christ. Next, our praise and worship team went to the Gila River Indian Reservation, where they played with kids and sang songs to them. Whereas, the rest of us went to street corner evangelize at the local 7-11. This was a time for some of us to share our testimonies, give food/water to people who passed by, and hold up signs. Afterward, the boys went to Michigan Trailer Park, where they gave food to people and gave testimonies. Then, we went to Ocatillo Park, where we played with children and prayed for the people around the block. Lastly, we ended the night with street corner evangelizing at night on the south side of town, where we each gave testimonies and spread the good news of God.
Here are some pictures from today and the last few days:

   (Day 1 - Just got off the plane!) 

(Day 1 - Papago Park) 

(Day 2 - St. Mary’s Food Bank) 

(Day 2- Yapa Park) 

(Day 2 - Yapa Park)

(Day 3 - Cross-walking with the disciples) 

(Day 3 - Corner evangelizing at 7/11) 

(Day 3 - Ocatillo Park) 

(Day 3 - Night time corner evangelizing)