Thursday, March 12, 2020

Day 2 Costa Rica

Posted by: Susan Boykin & Kara Trevino

In the morning, we started off the day with TAG time, which means Time Alone with God, where we did our daily devotional and reflected on God's word for about 30 minutes. Afterward, each team prepared to go out and serve the surrounding communities through VBS. 
Team 1: Mr. Smith - Jordan R., Jake S., Luis T., Christine S., Kamren F., Gabby B., Jeffrey S., Victoria W., and Kara T.
At our first VBS site, we met a few children where we got to play with the kids, by playing soccer, drawing with chalk, and painting nails. Then, we we were able to have worship with them, teach them a Bible story, and even give a testimony. We also taught them some English words and they were able to teach us some Spanish words (Shout out to our translator Dario)! Then, in the afternoon, we set out to our second VBS site, but there weren't any kids that showed up until the end. So,we played soccer and drew with them for a little while. After a little bit, we were able to share a Bible story with them, a verse, and give another testimony.We are all so grateful to be able to pour into these kids in any way that we can and it was a great start to the trip!

Team 2: Mrs. Garlobo - Taylor V., Caitlyn A., Emma O., Adam C., Matias C., Kevin C., Timo N., Jason V., Laura F., Susan B.
We got ready and left to our first VBS spot. We didn't get too many kids, but we got to meet 2 children and have fellowship with them. We made friendship bracelets with them, played soccer, and did jump rope. On our second round of VBS, we went out before to invite kids. We ended up meeting a lot of children and we were able to share the gospel. We played with them and led them in worship. Overall, it was a very impactful day for  us.

After the last VBS site, we all hopped on the bus and took a ride down to the centro, or the center of town of San Ramon. We walked around for a bit, visited a bakery, and bought some delicious snacks! Some of us went to get ice cream, visit a coffee shop, visit the cathedral, and had some chats with the locals. It was really cool to see the town and experience the different culture.