Friday, March 13, 2020

Horses and Hikes

Posted by: Melissa Mockler

Friday, the group started off with an early breakfast and morning devotional (TAG). Shortly after, they headed to their first service project. They had the opportunity to serve at Holston Home for Kids, a program dedicated to helping children in the foster care system. Students divided into work groups to perform various tasks around their facility. They did anything that was needed including, washing boats, cleaning horse stalls, clearing a trail, moving hay bales, emptying out silos, and shoveling sand for their volleyball court.

After eating a picnic lunch, provided by Long View Ranch staff, the crew began their afternoon hike. The entire class hiked 2.7 miles to see the Margarette waterfall and many wonders of the Lord's creation. 

They returned to Long View Ranch and enjoyed a wonderful dinner, once again provided by the staff. This was followed by another night of worship, Bible verse memorization, and class discussion of the individual inductive studies on Ephesians two. Later, the class played group card games and spent time together in the game room. Once again, cabin time and lights out. Another successful day.